VoteUp Privacy Policy

We do our best to treat your data the way we'd want our own data treated. If you're uncomfortable with something we're doing, or want your data removed from our servers, please let us know.

VoteUp collects and stores the following data on our server
  • Your phone number
  • The phone numbers of friends you've invited to polls
  • The names you provide for your friends and for yourself
  • The contents of all polls you create, including all individual votes
Almost all of your data is limited to people you have explicitly shared it with
  • Anyone can check to see if you have the app installed (we need this to avoid sending unnecessary text messages).
  • Only people you have invited to a poll can see information related to that poll (names, phone numbers, votes).
  • Only you can see the list of all polls you have participated in.
  • If you use the "make individual votes private" feature, VoteUp will hide individual votes in the poll results. However, this feature does not provide any additional privacy security guarantees.
Your data is visible to us, and it's also valuable to us. We will do our best to be worthy of your trust.
  • We will keep the contents of individual polls confidential.
  • For troubleshooting and for internal analysis, we may look at the contents of polls.
  • For troubleshooting purposes, any app crashes will be reported to us. These are unlikely to contain any personal information.
  • We use Google Analytics to track visits to this web page. We have enabled a feature that allows us see some demographic information about visitors to this site based on Google Advertising Cookies. Google provides a tool that allows you to opt out of allowing your data to be used by Google Analytics.
  • When you delete polls, the corresponding data may not always be deleted from our server.
  • We may aggregate data from multiple polls in order to write about interesting trends. If we do this, we will filter out any personally identifiable information.
  • Although we have no current plans to do so, we may in the future attempt to sell aggregate information from VoteUp polls. If we do so, we will follow the principles above.
We won't spam you
  • We don't currently collect email addresses, so the only way we'll email you is if you email us first.
  • When you use the app, you tell us your phone number. If you send us feedback or are encountering technical problems, we may contact you at that number by text message.
  • If you enable notifications in the app, we will only send you notifications related to your own poll activity.
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