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When you find yourself with a group of friends trying to make a decision and it's hard to balance everyone's opinions, use VoteUp to quickly figure out how the whole group feels. Voters don't have to choose a favorite or rank their choices: they just honestly mark how much they like each option.

Quick and Easy

 Create a poll with the options you're considering

 Invite your friends by text message

 While your friends are voting, add new options or new voters they suggest

 Close the poll, share the results, and move on to whatever you're doing

Your friends can vote from their phones without having to install anything

Express yourself!

When you're making decisions with friends, there's room for a wide range of feelings, and everyone's going to feel better when they know that the way they feel is being counted.

Collecting more detail about your friends' preferences doesn't just make them feel included: it also leads to results that maximize the happiness of the whole group.

That's why VoteUp uses expressive voting systems.

Choose more than one winner

Sometimes you want a single "winner", but sometimes you just want to learn how your friends feel about a range of options. Since VoteUp asks participants to rate every option independently, it's great for brainstorming, for choosing multiple winners, or even just for popularity contests!

For an example, see how one user chose a logo for their business with some help from VoteUp.

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